Peer Specialist Core Recovery Curriculum Train-the-Trainer

ACG Core Recovery Curriculum – Train-the-Trainer – Agenda

Peer Specialist Core Recovery Curriculum Train-the-Trainer

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This package contains guideliness for setting up a peer-support system.

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ACG’s Peer Specialist Core Recovery Curriculum Train-the-Trainer program is designed to train local Peer Specialists to participate as trainers in future Peer Specialist training programs.  Usually each of the 8 selected trainees gets to facilitate one of the 24 training sessions and have his or her presentation critiqued verbally by other trainees and in written form by the ACG master trainer.  While the trainees get a Facilitator’s Manual with detail facilitation procedures notes and valuable up-front, hands-on experience, the Train-the-Trainer program is not designed to develop a training faculty that can immediately present the entire 24-session Core Recovery Training Curriculum without the presence of an ACG master trainer.